Side Effects of Heartburn Drugs

Avoiding the negative side effects of popular heartburn drugs is why many people have turned to natural solutions like NaturCressNaturCress gently controls occasional irritation of the esophagus by stomach acid triggered by some food and beverages, so that you don't get heartburn.

The NaturCress® innovation is very timely because of news reports on the negative side effects, mortality and suspected cancer-causing impurities of some popular OTC (ranitidine) and prescription treatments for acid indigestion. Some also may be habit-forming and "bounce" your acid production up when you stop using them.

Even occasional sufferers of heartburn are seeking natural drug-free alternatives like NaturCress. Increase your peace of mind with drug-free NaturCress in your diet. NaturCress is an all natural, food-based supplement for relief of episodic heartburn. Garden cress seed and zinc are the simple and surprisingly effective natural ingredients of NaturCress.