NaturCress is based on science

Real Science, Real Results


The NaturCress formula is based on solid science developed by our co-founder Dr. Tushar Ray, Ph.D. and our advisor, Dr. Paul Burgio, Ph.D., a retired 3M medical product scientist.  Dr. Ray experimented with the active ingredient in garden cress seed.  Dr. Burgio brought zinc into our formula and a second acid blocker for greater reliability.  Published science and non-public studies we funded confirmed the ingredients suitability and helped set a effective dose.

Finding the Best Natural Source

There was no natural source of Dr. Ray's glucosinolate metabolite when NaturCress was being developed.  We found several candidate plants and tested concentrations.  Then we evaluated the food-safety aspects of each source and we chose garden cress seed.  Cress seed had significantly lower bacteria and heavy metals levels than alternative seeds.

How Does NaturCress Work?

Real Science Makes NaturCress Effective

Heartburn is what we feel when our lower part of the food "pipe" to our stomach is irritated by stomach acid backing-up into it. This irritation causes significant discomfort, burning sensation, or even pain in the chest area.

For top reliability, NaturCress blocks acid from entering your stomach in two entirely different ways. This lowers the acid in the stomach which in turn lowers the acid that backs up, reducing irritation the sensitive lower food pipe. 

Goes to Work Immediately

NaturCress coats the lining of your stomach so it goes to work immediately, unlike PPI acid-blocking drugs (like Prilosec, Prevacid or Nexium).  PPIs work through your bloodstream so they can take 3-days to kick-in.  PPI stands for "proton-pump inhibitor." 

This coating of the stomach lining is why NaturCress works best if taken about 15 minutes before meals and bed with a glass of water.   NaturCress protection lasts about 3 hours, depending upon how much you eat and drink after taking it.*

More Control and Flexibility

NaturCress "turns-off" the acid pumps for a few hours while PPI's turn them off for the 2-week life of these cells.  This means your NaturCress dose can be changed for every meal.  You'll enjoy flexibility that drugs can't offer.   

Who's the Scientist Behind NaturCress?

Dr. Ray’s groundbreaking scientific article on the effect of a glucosinolate metabolite on stomach acid levels lay fallow until his retirement.  Then he led development of NaturCress as chief scientist for RayIsles.

Professor Tushar Ray, PhD. researched the biochemistry of acid secretion into the stomach over his long career at the State University of New York Medical Center. 

His method of isolating tiny parts of these cells for study is still used and widely cited in scientific journals. 

Real Results

Clinical Study Results Positive

We conducted a formal user satisfaction study for the NaturCress formula.  It found that our formula was rated highly by 7 of 10 participants in the four-day study.  The methodology and results are summarized in this post on our blog:

Prevention of Episodic Heartburn with a Novel Glucosinolate & Zinc Dietary Supplement: A User Satisfaction Study

Ongoing Data

User ratings, reviews and sales are also measures of the results NaturCress delivers its users.  A 4.8 out of 5 star rating from 157 users who purchased a bottle of NaturCress is very strong evidence of good results.  People have made positive reviews.  Sales increased 100% over last year.  This data shows that NaturCress is well worth trying yourself.