Here is more about our food safety processes designed to protect you and what you should know if you have food allergies.

Testing for Quality at 3 Stages of Production

NaturCress ingredients are tested for identity, several toxic metals and bacteria, and potency of active ingredients before being shipped, upon arrival at the factory and even from a sample of capsules from finished and sealed bottles. Independent certified labs are used. The lab procedures used to measure glucosinolate were developed specifically for RayIsles, the distributor and manufacturer of NaturCress.

Samples of each batch of NaturCress are kept per best practices as are the production records with signatures of responsible parties at each stage. Our manufacturing partner pays an independent body to certify their operation each year. It is a clean and orderly operation with workers and owners that care about quality and their reputation.

The NaturCress formulation includes US-made zinc gluconate (from fermented glucose) because it has the longest shelf-life of oral zincs.

Potency & Purity of NaturCress

NaturCress® herbal supplement is made with US ingredients in a laboratory in the Midwest which is certified for current Good Manufacturing Practices for dietary supplements by an independent third-party. The lab has 50 years of successful production experience.

NaturCress is not made with added GMOs, sugar, salt, soy, wheat, gluten, corn, seafood, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, artificial coloring, extracts or ingredients of animal origin. The vegetarian capsules are made of cellulose, an organic compound, and are designed to dissolve quickly in the stomach. The bottles are BPA-free. If you have food allergies, please read below.

Food Allergies-Production Equipment and Facility

As of its 11/1/19 allergen statement, the facility where NaturCress is manufactured processes these ingredients for other client's formulations: Sugar (coconut sugar), Dairy (bovine colostrum, whey protein), Shellfish (glucosamine from shellfish), Seafood (softgels with cod liver oil), Soy (lecithin softgels), Bee products (pollen, propolis, royal jelly) and Enzymes (bromelain, papain). So for these allergens there is the possibility of cross contamination even though the equipment and production areas are cleaned between products.

No wheat and peanut processing are reported on the facility's allergen statement of 11/1/19.

From the NaturCress label.

    Quality Feedback

    Please share with us any serious adverse impact you experience that may be related to our supplements. By law we must share them with the FDA. If you have a good result, let us know that too. One thing about occasional heartburn is that we all know when we feel it and when we don't. Life is better when we don't. Email us about your experience at info@rayisles.com

    NaturCress beats its top 3 competitors

    Gaia Herbs Reflux ReliefⓇ, Maty’sⓇ Acid Indigestion Relief and RenewLife Heartburn StopⓇ are established, best-selling heartburn supplement brands frequently compared to NaturCress by online shoppers. But NaturCress™ beats these competitors when compared by the 11 factors in the chart above.

    NaturCress has the lowest price per dose, unique active ingredients, no additives or extracts, safety of 100% USA made and the only 90 day money-back satisfaction guarantee with free return shipping. NaturCress is superior to the top 3 competitive supplements for episodic reflux and heartburn, so order a trial-size bottle now.

    Lowest price per dose is an obvious advantage of NaturCress. No need to pay more than you have too.

    Extraction is not needed for NaturCress ingredients. Not having any extracted ingredients is good because this process many include use of chemicals to concentrate the active ingredient.

    NaturCress’s unique active ingredients are a food and mineral long used in food and supplements, but not for heartburn relief. They work synergistically for great results. A serving of NaturCress allows you to eat what you want, treat yourself to a second helping, dine late and yet get to sleep afterwards.

    We’re so confident that you’ll become a regular customer once you try NaturCress that we will refund your purchase price back for 90 days if you are not fully satisfied and we’ll pay the return shipping. There is nothing to lose and much to gain by testing it yourself today.

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    ★★★★★ Heartburn Relief

    "This product is good for heartburn. It is convenient and the pills are not too large. I like that it is a natural product." July 6, 2020, by chickadee

    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure of prevent any disease.

    Keep NaturCress out of the reach of children. Do not use if its safety seal is broken at purchase.