Money-Back Guarantee / Free Return Shipping

Our mission is to support your wellness journey so you can enjoy food and the fellowship around it without worrying about heartburn pain and discomfort.

Your satisfaction with your results of NaturCress are guaranteed and we will refund 100% of the purchase price when you return the bottle (we send you a prepaid return shipping label) before 90 days after your purchase date.

The potency, purity, ingredient identity, and stability (shelf-life) of NaturCress are guaranteed through the expiration date printed on the label. We call this a warranty claim.

IDENTITY: This means that the NaturCress in your capsules contains the ingredients listed on the label and at the listed amounts plus or minus the normal variation allowed in industry standards.

PURITY: Your NaturCress will also meet or exceed industry food safety levels for potential biological and heavy metal contamination using standardized testing methods and third-party laboratories. The ingredients are garden cress seed and zinc. Glucosinolate is a component of the seed. The fast-dissolving vegetarian capsules are made of Cellulose. Nothing else is added to NaturCress.

POTENCY: Our supplement will meet or exceed the amount active ingredients for an effective recommended dose (strength) for a 170 pound person through the expiration date on the label.

STABILITY: The amount of the ingredients cited on the NaturCress label will still be present at the expiration date on your label. The amount present is measured by our lab protocols and manufacturing formulation.

SATISFACTION: If you are not satisfied with the results of NaturCress. we will refund your purchase price and any sales tax if you return the unused product within 90 days of your first purchase. Email us for a prepaid shipping label to start the process.

100% REFUND: If you find that the product you purchased does not meet these standards or you are not satisfied with your results, we will pay shipping to a US address ( or APO/FPO) on the return for up to 90 days after purchase date and refund your purchase price. We currently do not ship or sell product outside the USA.

We will refund your product purchase price for up to a year under a warranty claim. We make no other warranties.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: We would appreciate your feedback so we can learn and work to prevent the issue from happening again. Please keep the bottle and its contents so we can analyze it. To report your issue and request a warranty payment write us at

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