Unhappy With Your Current Remedy?

Most Use Heartburn Remedies

It's no surprise that two-thirds of us who get it take a drug or supplement for the pain and upset.  The others tough it out or give up trigger foods and drink. [1]  

You're Not Alone If Unhappy with Your Remedy

56% of heartburn sufferers reported being unsatisfied with their medication, according to a peer-reviewed study in the Journal of Clinical Outcomes Management[2]  

The participants wanted both safety and results.  That's why we formulated NaturCress to deliver both.  Its unique ingredients are different than anything you've already tried.

Even better, seven of every 10 rated NaturCress superior to the remedy they previously used. [1]

Use the Gentlest Remedy that Works for You

You and your family deserve to eat what you like without worrying about side-effects of remedies to prevent occasional heartburn.  Best advice is to use the gentlest formula that delivers results you want.

NaturCress is a gentle and effective innovation in stomach acid control. The result is more enjoyment and better living with safety.

“NaturCress herbal supplement with zinc helped me sleep better and not have heartburn throughout the night. The garden cress seed and zinc helped ease my heartburn. I will use this before trigger foods from now on so I don’t suffer afterwards. Great product!” ● E. Hekebers, NaturCress Customer  

The Value of Natural (And a 3-Pack 35% Savings)

To get a bottle of NaturCress® delivered to your door, you’ll have to give up:

  1. Feeling bad after eating trigger foods,
  2. Worrying about drug side effects and
  3. As little as $0.09 per capsule when you buy three 180-capsule bottles. 

But since it’s 100% natural, its ingredients cost more than chemical alternatives.  But your health and peace-of-mind is well worth a few pennies extra per serving. 

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Why Steer Clear of Popular OTC Heartburn Drugs?

NaturCress is timely in light of news reports of suspected cancer-causing impurities of some popular over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription drugs for acid indigestion.  One was even recalled by the FDA and then had to replace the main ingredient.

Regular use of Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI drugs) for more than a year increased death rates.[3]  New research shows they are habit forming, so if you stop you get an acid "bounce".

Independent studies show that heartburn drugs like PPI and H2 Blockers don't work for 20-30% of the treated population. [4 ] The novel ingredients in NaturCress offer new hope to these people with episodic heartburn.  

Common antacid tablets have talc, corn starch, sucrose, and blue #1 and red #40 dyes.  NaturCress has no dyes, sugar or talc.

Even those who only occasionally get heartburn are seeking natural alternatives like NaturCress.  Improve your peace-of-mind with drug free NaturCress in your diet.  You deserve safe heartburn relief.