Is NaturCress safe to eat?

NaturCress® herbal supplement is made with US ingredients in a facility in the Midwest which’s certified for current Good Manufacturing Practices for dietary supplements by an independent third-party. The operation has over 50 years of successful experience and a great safety record.

Each batch of ingredients in NaturCress are tested for identity, several toxic metals, bacteria and potency of active ingredients three times: 1) at the supplier before being shipped, 2) upon arrival at the mill and 3) from a sample of capsules from finished and sealed bottles. Independent certified-testing labs are used.

The lab sophisticated procedure used to measure the active ingredient, glucosinolate, was developed specifically for NaturCress by a respected national lab.

Samples of each batch of NaturCress are kept as are the production records with signatures of responsible parties at each stage, per best manufacturing practices.

Our manufacturing partner pays an independent third party to certify their operation each year. It is a clean and orderly operation with workers and owners that care about quality and their reputation. For more …