How did NaturCress come about?

Dr. Tushar Ray called Clyde Hanson one day over a decade ago to ask for help in evaluating the commercial potential of his forthcoming scientific paper on how the stomach lining works at the chemical level. He was still following the science and developing a new theory to better explain the process even though he was retired.

In retirement he didn’t have access to the the patent and commercialization experts that he had when he worked at universities. However, Hanson worked for years with engineers and scientists in commercializing their inventions. Hanson and Ray worked together and NaturCress® is the product of that collaboration. NaturCress is an “overnight success” that was over a decade in the making.

Professor Tushar Ray, PhD. researched the dynamics of acid secretion in the stomach over his long career at the University of Texas, University of California-Berkley, and the SUNY Medical Center. His method of isolating tiny parts of these cells for study is still widely cited and used today.

Dr. Ray’s groundbreaking article on the effect of a glucosinolate derivative on stomach acid levels lay fallow until after his retirement. Then he spurred development of NaturCress as chief scientist for RayIsles. Tushar’s father was a medical doctor in India, exposing him to both western medicine and medicinal plants of the far east. As a result, NaturCress is both natural and scientific solution for occasional heartburn relief.

Those of us seeking to avoid heartburn appreciate Dr. Ray’s work on NaturCress,” said Clyde Hanson, who co-founded RayIsles with Tushar. “He impressed me with his deep expertise.”

Tushar’s oldest son worked in his father’s university laboratory, but interestingly, he went on to become a professor of French culture and language instead of a bio-chemist like his father. But Tushar received several international awards for his poetry, so he could also relate to his son’s eventual professional field.