How can both too much and too little stomach acid lead to heartburn?

NaturCress® works for its intended purpose when too much stomach acid is irritating the esophagus. But surprisingly, having too little stomach acid is also associated with heartburn.

About 2 percent of people have to little stomach acid overall, with a higher percentage the older you get, until it’s about 1/3 of those over 65 years old.

Try an apple cider vinegar supplement for occasional heartburn if you have low stomach acid. We sell capsules with cider vinegar.  We have paired NaturCress with an apple cider vinegar supplement so you can test which works best for you. Or play the odds and try NaturCress first. If it doesn’t work we be glad to send you our cider supplement instead of a refund.

If neither NaturCress nor apple cider vinegar works for your occasional heartburn, consult your healthcare provider.