NaturCress FAQs

Here are answers to questions we hear frequently from customers. We hope the NaturCress FAQs that follow are helpful to your evaluation of our natural supplement.


Why should I consider NaturCress?

Our sensitivity to certain foods increases as we get older. They start triggering an unpleasant, painful burning feeling behind the breastbone known as heartburn. Avoiding heartburn can lead to unwelcome limits on what, how much and when we eat. NaturCress® can help free you from these limits.


What are heartburn symptoms?

  • A burning pain in the chest that usually occurs after eating
  • The burning may occur at night
  • Pain that worsens when lying down or bending over
  • Bitter or acidic taste in the mouth

Heartburn is the feeling we get when acid “refluxes” or backs up into the esophagus and irritates it. The lining of the esophagus is not as well protected from acid as the stomach lining.

What’s the difference between acid reflux, heartburn and GERD?

Acid reflux is a mechanism, heartburn a symptom and GERD a disease.  (For More on GERD)

Here’s a short explanation from HealthCentral Newsletter on the differences between acid reflux, heartburn and GERD that has been reviewed by a doctor. 

When should I see a Doctor about my heartburn?

Seek immediate help if you experience severe chest pain or pressure, especially when combined with other signs and symptoms such as pain in the arm or jaw or difficulty breathing. Such chest pain may be a symptom of a heart attack. Don’t take this lightly.  We want you as a customer for a long time.  (For Non-Emergency Care)  


Is NaturCress effective?

NaturCress® is effective for most healthy people with occasional heartburn from excess acid.*  Its formula has a solid basis in stomach biochemistry and in a clinical trial.

NaturCress rated better than prior heartburn relief productFully 89% of users were highly satisfied with their results in a clinical trial with 40 men and women. Their satisfaction increased over the four days of the trial.  Of those with nighttime heartburn, 80% reported improvement.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back, hassle-free. More user study information here.

What’s in NaturCress?

100% natural, NaturCress® is specially milled garden cress seed and the mineral nutrient, zinc.  Garden cress seed has been a human food for thousands of years. No other heartburn relief supplement has garden cress seed. There is 960 mg of garden cress seed and 6 mg of elemental zinc in each two-capsule serving.

 What are the active ingredients?

We test to make sure there is at least 3 mg of glucosinolate, the active component of the garden cress seed, in every serving of NaturCress. It and the zinc lasts at least two years if kept dry and at room temperature. There is a “use by” date printed on each bottle as they are filled. The capsules are vegan and our bottles are BPA-free.

How does NaturCress work?

Both the active components of NaturCress® signal the stomach lining to hold stomach acid where it is made and to not release it into the stomach. Each component does this differently.  Together they help prevent acid from irritating the lower esophagus by lowering the amount of acid in the stomach.  (For More)

Is NaturCress safe to eat?

NaturCress® herbal supplement is made with US ingredients in a facility in the Midwest which’s certified for current Good Manufacturing Practices for dietary supplements by an independent third-party. The operation has over 50 years of successful experience and a great safety record.  (For More)

What cautions are on the label?

Like any dietary supplement, consult your physician before using if you are:
● Undergoing treatment for a medical condition
● Taking a prescription drug for heartburn
● Trying to become or are pregnant
● Also taking a zinc supplement (40 mg per day is the recommended limit by the National Institutes of Health. There are 6 mg of elemental zinc per serving of NaturCress) or
● Are under 18 years old.

Here is the FDA-required “Supplement Facts” information panel.

What if I have food allergies?

NaturCress® is not made with added GMOs, sugar, salt, soy, wheat, gluten, corn, seafood, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, artificial coloring, extracts or ingredients of animal origin.  However, it is made in a facility where some allergens are also processed... (For More Allergy Information)

Does NaturCress use chemical extraction?

No chemical extraction is used in making NaturCress®. The active compound in NaturCress’s garden cress seed is concentrated enough naturally that there is no need to reduce its bulk through extraction. There is enough glucosinolate in each dose as the seeds come from the field. The zinc is standardized at 6 mg of elemental zinc per serving.  (For More Information)

What do customers say about NaturCress?

“Great! A few days ago I got NaturCress® and I have tried it 5 times and it is the best natural relief for heartburn that I have had, it is made in the United States with the best quality standards, it is easy to bring, it works fast and so far I have not had any allergic reaction… I recommend it because it really helps and it’s natural.” ● Sofiss, Denver, CO, September 13, 2020.

NaturCress® works! Good packaging and easy to swallow. Love that it is all natural, drug free and free from allergens. I have been searching for a natural heartburn remedy and have found it. Works quickly too. I highly recommend it.” ● Lorelei555, July 7, 2020.

“I take NatuCress® and it works for me. Coffee and pizza trigger heartburn for me and now I can enjoy both without worry. I don’t like to take drugs so a natural solution like garden cress seed and zinc appeal to me.” ● CES100, May 5, 2020.  (For More Reviews)

How can both too much and too little stomach acid lead to heartburn?

NaturCress® works for its intended purpose when too much stomach acid is irritating the esophagus. But surprisingly, having too little stomach acid is also associated with heartburn.  We have a product for those with too little stomach acid too. (For Those with Low Stomach Acid)

Why’s NaturCress better than over-the-counter drugs?

NaturCress® is very timely in light of news reports on negative side effects and suspected cancer-causing impurities of some popular OTC and prescription treatments for acid indigestion.  One was even recalled by the FDA.  Others may be habit-forming.  Even occasional sufferers of heartburn are seeking natural alternatives like NaturCress

Increase your peace of mind with drug-free NaturCress in your diet.  You deserve safe heartburn relief. Here is our ♥️ Burn News Blog post with excerpts of articles and links to the full text about these health concerns.

Why is NaturCress better than other supplements for heartburn?

NaturCress® does one thing well. It reduces acid secretion by the stomach. Competitive supplements include other herbs and probiotics that may not be needed or may interact with prescriptions.  And NaturCress blocks acid two different ways for more dependable results.

Digestion is complicated...(For More)


How did NaturCress come about?

Professor Tushar Ray, PhD. researched the control of acid secretion in the stomach over his long career at the University of Texas, University of California-Berkley, and the SUNY Medical Center.  (For More)


What’s the guarantee?

If you are not completely satisfied with NaturCress®, you’ll get a full refund of purchase price and free return shipping for 90 days after purchase. This makes our offer a very low risk for you. We stand behind our product.  You only invest your time in placing an order and decide for yourself if you are satisfied with your purchase.

We have confidence in the effectiveness of NaturCress® due to our research, personal experience using it and the many satisfied customers who share their results in reviews and repeat purchases.  We want you to again enjoy the full range of delicious food without heartburn worry.  Guarantee Details.

Why buy NaturCress now?

You may be one of many people not satisfied with their current heartburn treatment. You likely enjoy spicy & rich food, second helpings and late romantic dinners. Or you may experience occasional high-stress days that “crank-up” your acid level.

Don’t miss out on this new option to eat what you love when you want to without “paying for it afterward” with that painful burning feeling and trouble getting to sleep.

Here's another reason to order now: Since NaturCress® is still being introduced, special introductory offers are available for a limited time, including 4 bonus offers (see below). 

Get a trial bottle of NaturCress moving towards your dinner table, today, just click here: SHOP


How much should I buy for my first order?

NaturCress® is comes in 60 and 180 capsule bottles. A serving is two capsules for a 170 pound person.   Take with a glass of water.

Take a serving  before meals that may trigger heartburn for you and before bed after such a meal if nighttime heartburn keeps you awake.  (For More)

How fast will I get my order?

NaturCress® ships the same or next day from several fulfillment centers across the county.  80% of the country is within 3-shipping days, and 35% with-in 2-shipping days.  Our cut-off for same day processing is 2:00 pm, EDT.  Shipping is free.  See Ship / Return for more details.

What’s the value of NaturCress?

To get NaturCress® delivered to your door, you’ll have to give up:
  1. feeling bad after eating trigger foods,
  2. worrying about drug side effects and
  3. you’ll pay as little as $0.09 per serving

But since it’s a natural it costs more to make than synthetic chemical alternatives, Check our Shop page for the current prices by size of bottle or bundles of bottles.

Remember, shipping is free and you get a solid money-back guarantee with free return shipping. And life is better without heartburn pain and sleeplessness.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

What does it mean that a supplement hasn’t been evaluated by the FDA?  (For More)