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Prevention of Episodic Heartburn with a Novel Glucosinolate & Zinc Dietary Supplement: A User Satisfaction Study

Introduction: Best Heartburn Remedy

NaturCress was highly rated as a heartburn remedy among adults in a user satisfaction study. You can be confident that NaturCress’s natural formula works because 40 independent people who tried it over four days were highly satisfied with their results.

Over 80% of the study participants with nighttime heartburn found NaturCress effective in reducing heartburn so they could get to sleep. Now you've heard the experiences of real people to use in your decision to try NaturCress.

User Study Methodology

RayIsles conducted a user satisfaction study to validate that the NaturCress formula is effective to remedy the symptoms of episodic heartburn. Having heartburn symptoms can be self-diagnosed by most people. This kind of heartburn is often predictably triggered by irritating foods or large food portions.

Study participants were recruited by an independent clinical trial firm and were paid an honorarium of $75 for participating in the study. They were interviewed about their general health and heartburn during a screening interview.

The study participants continued their regular diets and followed the recommended dose and timing.  They were instructed not to use any other heartburn product during the trial. They were interviewed by phone three times: before the start of the study, the 2rd day of use and after day 4. The participants were 60% women and 40% men and their results were similar. 

Before the trial, participants were using antacids, H2 blockers or PPIs to avoid heartburn. A surprising 43% were dissatisfied with what they had been using to reduce heartburn symptoms.

66% of the participants shared that heartburn previously interfered with their daily activities and 69% had experienced nighttime heartburn before the study.

Figure 1

Here’s the data from the NaturCress study

A large majority of those who tried the NaturCress formula were satisfied with the results they got. Over 52% were very satisfied and 37% satisfied (Figure 1 above) for a total of 89% satisfied or very satisfied. Moreover, their satisfaction improved over the 4 days they used NaturCress.

NaturCress had higher satisfaction than the heartburn remedy previously used.Figure 2

Key findings:

  • Most users rated NaturCress better or equal to their prior heartburn relief product.  Specifically, 72% reported that NaturCress was better than what they had been using, 17% that it was equal and 11% that it was not as good (Figure 2 above).
  • Overall an impressive 89% of users found NaturCress equal to or better than the competition.
  • 80% reported getting to sleep better after eating a later meal that would have triggered heartburn without NaturCress.

Nighttime Heartburn Results

66% of the participants shared that heartburn previously interfered with their daily activities and 69% had experienced nighttime heartburn before the study.

69% of the participants reported that they experience nighttime heartburn.  Of those that took the NaturCress actives before bed during the trial, between 73% and 88% reported they did not experience any heartburn breakthroughs. 

Overall the reported dose before bed averaged 1.6 capsules, with 12% taking one, 54% two and 15% three capsule doses.

Figure 3

Join these satisfied users by starting your NaturCress trial today.


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