"Pandemic Stomach" Leads to Shortages of Heartburn Relief Products

The New York Times reported December 8, 2020 on high demand for stomach acid control products in the USA due to the pandemic. It wa an article by Julie Creswell.

Pandemic linked lifestyle changes and higher stress levels are factors behind the shortage according to experts interviewed. The election has been a heartburn trigger event for many.

Also working from home has increased "dietary indiscretions" that trigger heartburn. "We are more lax than we used to be with alcohol or sweets or our comfort food." said Lauren Bleich, a gastroenterologist in Acton, Massachusetts.

Antacid shortages have occurred even on Amazon. In the dietary supplement industry there were some production stoppages during the early months of the pandemic. But now most factories are running at full speed now. But it takes a while to refill the product pipeline.

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