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Eat what & when you want

Looking for a better heartburn and bloating remedy? Something more effective, gentler and without side effects? Many people are. NaturCress® is well worth a try because:

1 ) Unique all-natural ingredients; an innovative new option

2 ) Real people find it effective yet gentle. Real results

3 ) Great no-hassle, money-back guarantee so all you have to lose is heartburn pain

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  • Woman eating Italian food that triggers heartburn for many.  NaturCress capsules provide natural relief of occasional heartburn.   SKU =NC-1-180  UPC=860002717418

    "Wonderful relief for me"

    “Am very happy with NatureCress...a lot of the food I enjoy causes mild heartburn symptoms. Therefore, this has been a wonderful relief for me. Easy to take as well and fast acting. Take a couple of these before you eat a meal and you are good to go. Thank you! Would definitely recommend this to anyone!!” ● J. Anitalw, Southern, IL, September 14, 2020.

  • "I recommend it"

    “Great! A few days ago I got NaturCress® and I have tried it 5 times and it is the best natural relief for heartburn that I have had, it is made in the USA with the best quality standards, it is easy to bring, it works fast and I have not had any allergic reaction… I recommend it because it really helps and it’s natural.” ● Ann Sofiss, Denver, CO, September 13, 2020.

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Garden Cress flower power

Only NaturCress combines garden cress seed and zinc for double relief of multiple symptoms.

It's also Keto (0.05 g. net carbs/serving), gluten-free and high in vitamins C and K, and has many other health benefits.

Common antacid tablets have talc, corn starch, sucrose, blue #1 and red #40 dyes.

NaturCress has no dyes, fillers, sugar or gluten. No chemicals are used or added. It's drug-free and isn't habit forming, unlike a popular remedy.

180-Capsule Bottle
NaturCress has an innovative formula made with with special milling.

Dr. Ray the innovator

Professor Tushar Ray, PhD. researched stomach acid secretion. His method of isolating these cells for study is still cited in scientific journals. 

Dr. Ray’s groundbreaking research on the effect of a glucosinolate metabolite on stomach acid levels led to NaturCress. Its so innovative that it's being patented.

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Pie chart shows 89% satisfaction with NaturCress in a clinical study.

Better than prior remedies

7 of every 10 people in a clinical study found the NaturCress formula better than the remedy they used before.

User Study Report

Get to sleep easier

Eight of every 10 reported success in preventing nighttime heartburn over 4-days after a serving of the NaturCress formula before bed in a clinical study.

90-Capsule Bottle
NaturCress testimonial from Mike

Mike shares why he takes NaturCress to prevent heartburn from pizza

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Fast and Flexible

NaturCress goes to work immediately as it coats the stomach lining. Proton-Pump Inhibitors like Prevacid® or Prilosec® work through your blood, taking 3-days to kick-in

NaturCress "turns-off" the acid pumps for a few hours while PPI's turn them off for 2-weeks. This means you'll control your dose meal by meal with NaturCress.

NaturCress lasts about 3 hours, depending on how much you eat and drink after taking it.*   

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Supplement Facts for NaturCress Heartburn Relief Supplement

More Facts About a Great Remedy

Garden Cress is a low-carb Keto seed (0.05 g. net carbs/serving). 

One serving of NaturCress provides 9% of the recommended daily value of Vitamin K, which helps to make proteins needed for blood clotting and the building of strong bones. Fact sheet on Vitamin K from the U.S. National Institute of Health.

Each serving has at least 3 mg of acid blocking Glucosinolate. Data for 180-Capsule Bottle Shown. Learn More: FAQs

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Doctor Reviews NaturCress

"I take this product before my morning coffee and I don’t have any heartburn or acid response when I do."  Dr. JKR


    People Like You Tested NaturCress

    40 Men and women who get heartburn used our formula over four days while they ate their usual foods. Some chose foods that caused them heartburn to "challenge" the test formula. They were interviewed by phone before, during and at the end of the trial.

    Clinical Study Results

    An impressive 9 of 10 users were "highly satisfied" with their results of NaturCress. This is higher than the rating of the heartburn product they had been using before the study. Of the users with nighttime heartburn, 8 of 10 said they slept better after using the NaturCress formula.

    4.8 Star Average Rating by Buyers

    Imagine eating what you want, treating yourself to a second helping and dining late yet getting to sleep afterwards. Don't miss out, order a bottle today and live better soon!

    More Details

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


    Don't Miss the Fun Around Food

    No need to give up the joy of food and drink when gentle, natural NaturCress is an option. It's formulated so you can enjoy problem foods and dine late. The unique formula is effective, safe and natural.

    Real Science Makes NaturCress Effective

    Heartburn is what we feel when our lower part of the food "pipe" to our stomach is irritated by acid backing-up into it. The lining of our food pipes (esophagus) are not as protected from acid as the stomach lining. When NaturCress cuts your stomach acid, this lowers the acid back-up that causes episodic heartburn.

    Specially Formulated

    NaturCress is designed to prevent irritation of the lower food pipe that one feels as heartburn. It also helps with constipation, upset stomach, and healthy cell development.

    Double Relief

    For top reliability, NaturCress blocks stomach acid in two entirely different ways. This makes it more effective and reliable. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

  • Woman eating Italian food which triggers heartburn for many.  Also shows a bottle of NaturCress capsules which provide natural relief of occasional heartburn.   SKU =NC-1-180  UPC=860002717418


    All ingredients in NaturCress are from the USA. The facility is certified for good manufacturing practices and has 50+ years of experience making supplements.

    Tested Three Times

    Our ingredients are tested 3 times for key bacteria and toxic metals before we release a batch. Our high quality ingredient and production standards help prevent foodborne illness.

    For Those with Food Allergies

    We don't add anything to NaturCress that would trigger food allergies, but some allergens are processed in the same facility. If you have food allergies, check our quality control page.


    Plant-based remedies like NaturCress are appealing because plants have fantastic quality control. Common man-made drugs for heartburn have side-effects, cancer-causing ingredients and are habit forming.

    Two Time-Tested Ingredients

    Garden cress seed has been a human food for thousands of years. It's Keto, vegan and high in Vitamins K & C. Additional benefits: 1) Healthy respiratory system, 2) Regular bowel movements, 3) Bodily water balance, 4) Immune system support, and 5) Supports cell development. Zinc is a nutrient in multivitamins. It may reduce inflammation, boost immune health, reduce your risk of age-related diseases, speed wound healing and improve acne symptoms.

    No Harm to Wildlands or Rare Plants

    Garden cress is farmed, so sensitive wildlife habitats are not harmed by its harvest, unlike rare wild herbs in alternative supplements.

    Valuable Peace-of-Mind

    These are some of the many reasons you'll have more peace-of-mind using NaturCress to live better.

"NaturCress works!"

"NaturCress® works! Love that it is all natural, drug free and free from allergens. I have been searching for a natural heartburn remedy and have found it. Works quickly too. I highly recommend it." ● Lorelei R., July 7, 2020.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Chris shares her experience with NaturCress for over a year

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"I take NaturCress"

"I take NaturCress and it works for me. Coffee and pizza trigger heartburn for me and now I can enjoy both without worry. I don’t like to take drugs so a natural solution like garden cress seed and zinc appeal to me." ● Elizabeth Merrit, May 5, 2021.


Now I can eat pizza and spicy foods again. If you get heartburn I recommend giving this a try. You get 180 capsules and it's an affordable option. This is a natural product. I will continue to purchase and take these supplements." Amanda05, Willis, VA

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NaturCress beats competition

NaturCress beats competitors when compared by key factors:

1. Lowest price per dose

2. Unique active ingredient

3. No additives or extracts

4. 100% USA made

5. 90-day money-back guarantee with free return shipping.

Order a trial-size bottle now.

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3 Reasons to Buy Now

1) You're not satisfied with your current heartburn treatment 

2) You want to enjoy spicy & rich food, 2nd helpings and late dinners w/o worrying about heartburn

3) Your high-stress days trigger heartburn

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How Much Should I Order?  

A serving is two capsules for a 170 pound person.  

Save by ordering more bottles at a time.  Save 35% when ordering the 540 capsule three-bottle pack. Best value is the Six-Pack of 180-capsule bottles that is only $0.08 per capsule, a 40% savings.

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